I feel like I should say more, like I should do something, anything to make me memorable. To make you remember.
I don't want to lose touch, I want to make us happen again.

I want our forever to last.

But I know if I call you, all the words I've held back for the pass months won't comeout right, my perfect lines I've memorized so clearly? won't come through these aching lips I've closed, for hope that I'll be okay without you.
But then again I may call, but you won't answer. Cause to you... I don't derseve another word, and I know its going to hurt like hell. I know then that whatever is left of us, will be the end. But I can't decide what going to hurt more: my words I trip over, or the words I don't say to make you understand me alittle more.

Either way, I'm the only one holding back cause your with her, saying all the words
I'm dying to hear, all the words I wish you'd just try to say to me.


  1. I really like that it says "unspoken words by" at the end of your post. It makes my heart ache. because thats all blogs really should be and are: Unspoken words.

    I have no reason to hold back. Just the spiteful words he said. But I thought them loudly enough for him to notice.

    This comment doesn't make sense.

  2. actually i might be wrong but i kinda understand...cause really i do feel this silence i have put forth is saying something loud enough for anyone to hear, but he chooses not to listen or notice.
    damn sanchez i like that.
    even if its not close to what your talking about.. i can relate. haha yes confusing but isnt that what poetrys all about? making a beautiful mess of such:)