Thoughts that remain.

The hair reached out to you, electrifying as you brushed softly against my delicate cheek.The words left my lips unwilling, full of anticipation, expectations. My body lay close, my hands stay warm, entwined in yours they connected like lost pieces, broken and repaired again. They’ve finally been found. I, looking away, looking past the perfect set, the perfect lines, the perfect people. I, turning from you. I stare. Staring into the dark waters. Sparkled they reflected the stars, the moon, the light.

Dark water:the place I called home. Here, I would hold my life to a gasp. Here, I would fall to the dense waters crash. Here, the world stopped. Listening, ba boom, ba.... boom ,ba.......... boooom. I'd stay, I'd stay forever. Maybe I knew you would leave, maybe I knew this. Turning back into your arms, to your gray sweater, to the warmth of your undeniably exquisite body..... Back into reality.I close my eyes and listened ;for a sign,for my mind, for something.........ba boom... ba boom..ba boom.

Maybe it was meant to be, maybe there was more for me?

I remember the maybes. So clearly I showed them hope.

You gave in, you gave up. I now know the outcome, I know now.

He was just too busy gazing at the stars, while I was busy drowning in he's heart.

I want to come up for air,

please let me breathe again.

"what happens when the puzzles pieces are thrown away, when they get all soggy, when they get abandoned to the rushing waters? what happens then?"

"you get what you bought, an unfinished puzzle, nobody ever finishes them anyway."

"but they have to come up, they have to right?

Thats the thing about dark waters, about lost then found pieces, about stars... we are one big cycle. one more heart ache. one more pain.one more insanely in love girl.one more boy who could careless.

somewhere maybe not to far from here, there's two lost pieces drowinng...floating... reflecting what had come and passed.

and I'm dying in hope, that your gonna pick them up and take me home now.


  1. You never cease to amaze me. and I really do mean that. The constant referal to the puzzle piece is practically indescribable because its exactly what I'm feeling. But then, maybe I'm not?

    I'm not sure but I loved this.

  2. ah all i can do is smile, i like that you take time to read my nonsense of poems. really. i dont know about amazing..but thanks SO much. haha yeahh you never know for sure :)