if a picture could say a thousand words.

He stared in his own sorrow, looking sad as if he felt my pain. He didn't e

ven know or feel half of it. Yeah the surface of a broken heart controlled his heavy brows to come together, but that’s it. I was just another pretty black and white picture. Hair in my face, hands in powerless angry fists, lips shaking, my eyes would soon drain endless amount of water, and non-the less my nose became a bit stuffy. As I watched him blink once and turn his perfectly shaped head; forever forgetting my existence.

"I only hurt when I remember" I hell at top of my lungs. I never felt so lost as I did that night. I was with a bunch of old friends, but I couldn't talk, I couldn't breathe half the time. I remember going to the bathroom and looking in the mirror " your going to be okay" I'd whisper. Then I'd break lose to the shining lights of a celebration, only to find myself alone in a crowd

of people.

"I will never understand boys. I will never understand you."

She was beautiful. She had legs. She had a smile. She had you. And I was far away, somewhere tucked away in your dark mind. And I think that’s what hurt that most, the pain I felt knowing I was nobody to you. I was a joke. And I left just like any other stranger to you did. Unnoticeable. You probably stayed and had some more laughs as I wished to turn back time. You probably touched her cheek and whispered pretty words into her ear. Heck knowing you probably told her you loved her.

I mean did it hurt letting me go? Did you cry? Did you even care? God... I wanted to scream at you. I wanted to make a scene, just to let you know I was there. Finally within your reach. I wanted to feel something. But I was hollow with just my heart pounding heavier and heavier each time the pain grew. Fireworks exploded overhead, cold grass felt the burn in my hands as I finally let go of my anger. Taking a deep breath. I saw you two.. I was supposed to be her. I was supposed to be the girl you were trying to make smile. But I wasn't. I was just another lack of color photograph hanging in the thousands on your wall.

"Now go and be someone else prince charming, darling"

"Go and make someone else believe"

"Please Natasha just forget me"


  1. Tragically beautiful, I love your writing.

  2. I feel you write things my mind can even begin to comprehend its beauty.

    if that makes any sense?

    I love it.

  3. You guys! Thanks! its very much appreciated haha Sanchez i think i kinda get you :) kinda..