the chain of ever ending hateful poems about you.

yeah and their your favorite...stupid kindergarten rhyming poems.

you forgot me long ago....it shouldn't bother me now.

pretty words with empty meaning

oh how now the nerve of them could leave me screaming

dying lies that will forever haunt my tomorrows

i just want to cry.

i guess fairy tales do die at the strike of midnight.

and no glass slipper will stand in your path

no glory will come through the shattered glass

just me alone

with a few words i wish to cut and run from.

"you didn't waste it. goodbye."

you'll be sleeping at the strike of midnight

dreaming nothing will hurt you

cause nothing will

your thoughts about me are dismissed

your heart left me without even a gentle kiss.

haven't we all heard this story before?

the girl whose heart will always be waiting at your back door??

and the black mascara stained with my face runs and runs

but soon will run dry

tears won't help me any better

but what can i do?

you don't love me you don't want me

you finally genuinely had me after all these years and you let me go.

damn that fucking hurts.

when did i became not a "need"

but then again thats all we really were

---just open cuts waiting to bleed.


  1. That was truly amazing.
    HAHA I'm like a fangirl when it comes to your writing. :P

  2. Maly!
    you leave the sweetest comments!
    awe shucks..THANK YOU
    wahoo i have a fan :)