"life is so fucked up."

down down down I went

I was falling

empty-ness streaming through my fading fingers.......

I was here....

then I was there...

catching nothing but passing everything.

isn't that how time goes?

isn't that the life of you

but here's the thing.. I did it all on purpose....

I tripped. I meant to fall. I did what was waiting at the end

before you.

god didn't give us wings to fly

he gave us accident-prone feet.

he made us human

fragile we stand till are feet twist

then down we drop.

we were all meant to fall.... in time we would.

but I beat him to the punch line.

cause baby I decided you.

and I flew

yeah I flew.... I was falling... I was passing

I was here.

then I was there

and never did I feel so alive. :)

I looked death straight into the eye and said fuck you

then i looked at you " i love you."

so down


I went .....falling in love.

little did i know everything stopped,

it was just me and you

time finally paused and wanted me too.

through my fingers was yours*everything*.

i wasn't falling anymore

i was perfect

i was defying gravity....

I was floating


my heart was strong and all i knew was you.

It was love that saved the fall and I dont mind at all.

were here forever

*there* didnt exist.

and what is there when there's no such thing as time?

frozen...we had all eachothers worlds to spare.

finally I saw that this life wasn't so bad after all.

that it isnt as scary

it isnt as hurtful

its almost beautiful.

god did gives us wings

he gave us choices

he gave us all the time in the world

he gave me.. you.

and the best part of it all ...

was that whole time we were floating, we were in fact dying


  1. Thats really beautiful. :)

  2. thanks jessie!

  3. wow. I really loved that.

  4. awe you guys are just the best thanks maly.