blog post #1 how am i feeling.RANT.

happiness is a daily basis thing ,and so is all the other stuff that make me cry.

BUT TONIGHT its gonna be different.tomorrows gonna be a change..
me. right now. is the last of it.

I realized that if your dumb enough to let me go twice
then I'm not gonna be dumb enough to let me fall and roll on the ground twice..
waiting for you to pick me up, and come around again.
Thats the cycle we are. you hurt me, I cry, then I still dream like a girl whose hearts never been broken, and i wait. and wait. im always the fucking "wait" till you want me again.
but babe this time im gonna dust of my jeans and walk the opposite direction as you.

this time I'm going to accept it.
you don't want to be with me?
cool just remember that you walked out
you left me. I truly wanted you.
I told my parents i wanted to go to school there.
I begged on your behalf.
I did everything in my power.
and what did you do? walked away, just left and decided you wanted nothing to do with me.

and you know i lied ALOT.
I made mistakes and lied but when i was talked with you, i could be myself
I could look past all my imperfections
I could look at the goddamn mirror.
i knew i was becoming a better person.
I never fucking lied to you and thats pretty rare.
when I can be completely honest and have no strings or buddles of knots tied.
but it was all a joke to you. so call me a liar but i wasn't the one who said i love you.

so boy your gonna go far... so
don't look back, keep on walking.

cause babe i no longer have your back.
I'm done. I'm over it. love is pretty but life is endless amounts of beauty.
Happiness is a daily basis thing and you don't need to be apart of it cause baby its all the same.
Good day XOXO natasha!


  1. I love self impowering/moving on rants. they are always by far the best.

    Keep walking. That's the best advice I've heard all day.

  2. Like the new layout. :)

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  4. hahaha yeahhh they help especially when they are at the rawest. :/ but thanks sanchez! and abby i like it too :)