i guess this is how young love dies.

"I liked this life alot" gracefully she grasped my face.
alert in her eyes, she peered at me till i could bring my lashes up to meet hers.

And There in her blue eyes was so much space... and as empty as they seemed; they were full of life.
i knew she was ready... for she once said" I don't live with regrets. I don't live by days.
I don't live by whatever happened now or what had been done then.
I live for I am here, I'm here and alive
and why waste it when were all just living with more time behind us then ahead?"

she was definately ready.

"I liked this life alot." more strongly she wanted me to know.
but she looked so weak..
now i couldn't hold it together my breathe grew into more inhales then exhales.
she knew i was breaking inside
so smiling she repeated once more
"I like this life alot kid But I'm ready for more adventures."

i suppose she wanted to assure me she was gonna be alright.
I suppose nothing could have been done to save her.

ready as ever the space in her eyes filled with tears .

"I love you," i said
as if those powerful words could make her stay a little longer.

but she left already
jumping into the lake..... never surfacing.


  1. this is so sad...
    but somehow it still manages to be beautiful

  2. thanks. :)
    it means alot when i touch someone with my words
    emotionally :)
    congrats on the winning!

  3. My favorite.
    It leaves you there at the end with silence,
    it's true,

    It's raw.