Sometimes the truth hurts.

I need you to say it cause im not strong enough to believe it
cause i believe the in the greater.
I belive in magic
and i believe in love storys
and sadly your the reality that connects me to them.
so if you aren't in this with me?
say it out loud.
cause i hate this
.....i know someone is out there and right now i think its you.
But if there is one thing i learned from this..
this person: "the one"
will be there
will never give up...
he will care
and he will want to know me
and he will do everything to make it work
he'll long for my voice
for my tender lips
my burning touch
for my innocence
god dammit.. he will want me all

good or bad

when our feet are side by side or when they a thousand feet apart.
he'll never give up.

so just stop acting like your the one...
please just for once just make me believe.. something thats true..


  1. Award for you here: http://7thingstothinkabout.blogspot.com/2010/06/love-from.html

  2. dude!!! thanks so MUCH! this means OMG...i have no clue!
    im just so happy! thanks thanks! thats so nice of you!