Blabbers of a broken heart

So firstly to state: This is a very rough poem everything might not make sense but nothing does when you've been in love (or thought is was love) and when you finally break from it.
So if you only see a jumble of words, Im guilty. It's not meant to make sense, i guess... but whatever, im feelin it :D

I know right now I don't make sense

and maybe thats why you left...

That evening

we had a moment that I replayed in my mind over and over; till the sunset became visible

cause that was the last time i felt alive.

You left me alone with a goodbye

and I knew we wouldn't have another hello, but I wrote.

I wrote for I wished and wanted so badly to know we made a mistake.

But by the 10th letter I knew you had no words for me

Was it that hard to care for a broken heart?

So I screamed and I cried till the night sky stretched ahead, like a blanket it held me close from reality.

comforting me

Soon the stars came alive and I knew that even in the darkest moments of my life... it would never be too dark, and with that I knew the sun had to eventually come around




empty stomachs of pain

It was hard but the stars gave me strength for they believed there was more to life then broken hope; they believed

my heart will start to feel again, and soon enough it did, unbelievably I felt the sting of the light that

there on the brim of the east horizon stretched miles and miles to my dry of tears face

You'll know I let go.

You'll know by the way I smile

By the sparkle that follow in my footsteps

You'll know that are time vanished in the sunset, that eventually left me in the dark

and there the heartache days.. will forever stay.

you'll never see me broken for the blanket that covered me

is now folded on my top shelf

So...I know right now I don't make sense

and maybe thats why you left....

So the next time i walk by...no second glances, no hopes for second chances, when I'm done. When i have let you go.

This will be the time:

When you feel numb

When you feel tired

When you feel unloved

This will be the time,you'll understand me a little more.

My love letters days are over

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  1. I really quite enjoyed this.
    You have a lovely way of expressing yourself.

  2. Oh thats so nice of you to comment! THANKS :)

  3. Hey :) For some reason I can't see all your new posts I think it might have something to do with your layout? Or it might just be my computer?