I don't know where I'll be in 5 years or even in a week

I don't know if I'm just space; if I'm just as good as the words that die when parted from my lips.

am I nothing?

most days i feel lost and it really does scare me to think,"who am I?"

I don't know half the time how I'm even living

am I living in the moment?

I feel my life slipping behind these footsteps.

But I'm tired, I'm tired of running

From the mirror. From the future. From the past. From right now.

I don't want to be a slipping image.....

I want this moment to last;I want to stop.

But sometimes I just can't help it ...

when my sneakers hit the pavement, and my hair flies in the wind.

I feel the need to search for myself. Constantly. Like a drug I try to be something I'm not.

All cause i miss that little girl who really knew what she was looking for in life, who really knew who she was. I miss the magic.I miss the has been of me.

but addictive, I run and run ...when really if I'd just stop and breathe I'd realize......

the sooner I stop running the sooner myself, ME

will catch up.. cause that little girl I left in my footsteps is running too ....hopefully searching for me.



    If you know it or not you just made my day!..or life! :)
    Although, I'm not too sure if that is good wow
    or a bad wow ...
    but still THANK YOU! <3

  2. Its always a good wow.

    Gosh, I liked this piece so much. You really took my breath away. (thats a good thing :D)

  3. REALLY?!?!? really? REALLY>?
    OMG thanks!
    i love your blog so much! it inspires me to do stuff like this!
    ahh man :DDDD this just made my forever. haha uhh yes!

  4. That was an amazing you took my words out of my mouth and all I could say was wow kind of wow :D
    I am so happy to be your first comment haha
    Maly Xx.