and although the cold clung to our skin raising goosebumps
reciting old ques of winter
my cheeks swelled with heat as they froze content by your touch
like the falters of laughter
like the silence after a closed books
like the creak of the shut door
like sitting on a dense couch after a party
like the you and me looking at the sky and its infinity

The universe swallowed us
And it ended

the only thing worth remembering about that night
wouldn't be your drooping fingers over my waist
or your freakishly big hands that flowed freely like waterfalls through mine
it wouldn't be the dried tongue lounging, spiting awkward words in my mouth that never made it out
nor be how beautiful you looked as the vehicle hummed and your desired eyes stayed on me
with the low dimmed lights from the passenger to the driver seat illuminating the dewy touch beyond the skin of us

no it would have been the mere second
between both worlds of the night
one traced silently on the pond
the other crashing down through the atmosphere of oxygen
making me lose my breathe
right then and there
I couldn't help but feel
as endless as the stars were and more
as if there was nothing that could be as forever as us

your hand was holding mine as we leaped into the next second building on this
but us didn't exist anymore
you had let go

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