So there is a few highlights of summer i would like to write in stone, or here at least.
hanging out with friends has been really fun. I just love having the stupid conversations i have, and being absolutely fearless of my absolute pathetic expressions. I don't know...I have a really weird personality, and with each person I'm completely different. and i think right now my mission is to bind them together, because i feel when i drift from one persona to another a very cheap and very fake self. and i really don't like that, but thats who i am now, and i sort of just have to accept it and work a little harder on that. but life is just a peach, and i hate that people always use that phrase with sarcasm but this time i mean it completely. these two little girls in the bathroom at the park, were totally having a blast, and i could tell by their cake icing across their faces, and giggling nonstop. And it sort of made me feel really old, when i walked in there to put my make up on. as i looked in the mirror, i made short conversation by asking what is on your face?! and they replied delighted and over excited. And its like i already knew that feeling, and what they were experiencing. and i just smiled at them, and they responded by asking are you putting makeup on, and i rolled my eyes and grinned....and said yes, how did you know?, and they answered thats what girls always do in the bathroom. they continued to ask, are you spanish? and i responded no, im native. Then they said are you sure? and i laughed...and then they said because spanish girls are really pretty, and you're really pretty. and they proceeded by asking if i had dimples, and i said no. but it kinda looks like it cause i have chubby cheeks and they laughed. and i said I'm not as lucky as you girls and they looked at each other and laughed, and i think i just love kids, i feel their honesty and i can talk to them and feel like thats me, thats who i am. 

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