i remember you well. writing was an escape where i could be so dramatic and thoughtful. now i don't think of it that often. i don't let my feelings touch me either. its a weird process growing up. I kinda wish i could stay very timid and broken. But its almost like you aren't grown up but rather indifference to feelings that once, made you create a blog about feelings. I sorta wish i was that crazed dizzied eyed heartful, wild girl that would stay up late, with the laptop wide open and had created a world that couldn't, would not take no for an answer. so for future writers of the world, break your heart, and don't ever let it change you.  don't mind the pain ...enjoy it. its the best reminder your alive, and the only thing that makes us grow. i wish i never stopped writing, writings such a beautiful feeling and a wonderful thing to do when your human. 

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